DesignIntelligence Futures

Leadership Summit on the Future of Environmental Responsibility

Promising Resolve

Hosted by Tulane School of Architecture
New Orleans, LA | May 9-10, 2024

On any given day, each of us has the choice to approach the dynamics of environmental responsibility with frustrated pessimism or promising resolve. At DesignIntelligence we’re leaning into promising resolve. Regardless of how political winds are blowing or how industries and governments are responding, we choose to remain focused on what matters toward positive environmental outcomes. This year’s gathering of leaders from across the built environment industry will be focused on the promising future and the promises each will give towards that end.


Ted Landsmark

Chris Allen
Global Principal, Jacobs

Vini Nathan

Margarita Jover,
Professor, Tulane

To be

Vini Nathan

Amy Pastor

Vini Nathan


NOCHI building

5th floor
725 Howard Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130

More details will be provided soon.


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