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About Foresight

We are a team rooted in identifying, analyzing and mapping solutions to complex issues facing the Built Environment.

Through our industry knowledge, analysis of geopolitical dynamics, and deep economic understanding, we generate nuanced research enabling us to develop educated perspectives about the Built Environment’s near and intermediate futures. By leveraging these factors, we provide Built Environment professionals and clients with powerful and actionable insight to guide their decision-making and future planning.

our work

Focused on the Built Environment

We explore a wide range of topics from environmental responsibility to organizational dynamics of architectural and design firms to deep-dive markets and marketplaces and more. We investigate the broader economic conditions and outlooks domestically and globally. Our research work provides practical applications for the Built Environment industry and practitioners.

Centered on the Client

We collaborate with DesignIntelligence Advisory to strengthen clients’ understanding of their internal organization and external competitive landscape. We help clients examine areas of concern in their organizations through surveys and audits, including leadership culture, business development effectiveness, and brand perception. We shed light on the opportunities and risks faced by clients in their local regions, across the U.S., and around the globe through tailored market research.

Our Method

  • Articulation of the problems, challenges, curiosities, and opportunities
  • Assemble primary and secondary data sources
  • Assemble inventory of applicable experts with whom to interact
  • Read, study, write, review, test, validate, rinse and repeat!
  • Internal expertise peer reviews
  • All attributions are displayed as end notes


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