Sharp increases in urbanization will make it tougher for planners to address the basic needs of city dwellers, according to the Global Planners Network (GPN). The GPN has launched a tool designed to help planners provide for the most important requirements, such as housing, clean water, sanitation and basic services.

The Self-Diagnostic Tool to Assess Planning Capacity was developed by the United Kingdom’s Royal Town Planning Institute and Commonwealth Association of Planners for use by planning organizations worldwide.

In addition to its usefulness to individual planners, the tool will build a picture of the way different countries plan their settlements and aid the development of international support networks between planning organizations, allowing them to share and transfer knowledge.

Outcomes of this project will be presented later this year to the United Nations Habitat World Urban Forum 4 in Nanjing, China, and the Global Planners Network Congress in Zhenjiang, China.