DesignIntelligence survey: Amory Lovins, Barack Obama among admired sustainability leaders

An economic downturn that has pulled the plug on many design and building projects in recent months hasn’t been enough to quell interest in sustainable design practices among architects. The 2009 DesignIntelligence Sustainable Design Survey, which draws data from architecture and design firms throughout the United States, finds that most firms claim a majority of their projects are environmentally responsible.

Of particular interest in the survey are the individuals and organizations that architects cite as role models.

Top 5 individuals cited as role models of green and sustainable design:
1. William McDonough
2. Ed Mazria
3. Bob Berkebile
4. Amory Lovins
5. Barack Obama

Top 5 firms cited as role models of green and sustainable design:
1. HOK
2. Perkins + Will
4. Kieran Timberlake
5. (tie) Arup
5. (tie) Mithun
5. (tie) William McDonough + Partners

In addition to citing contractor and product manufacturer role models, the annual Sustainable Design Survey also records how well architects believe their own firms are progressing in achieving higher levels of sustainable design, if their firms are behind or ahead of their peers in that regard, and the most popular ways that design leaders are changing their personal habits in their desire for a smaller carbon footprint.

The 2009 DesignIntelligence Sustainable Design Survey can be purchased in the DI bookstore.