Architects who pursue their master’s degree and those who become licensed will see greater earnings, according to the just-released compensation survey conducted by DesignIntelligence and the Greenway Group.

Compiled from data representing nearly 19,000 design staff in the United States, the 2008-2009 Compensation and Benefits Survey published in DesignIntelligence shows that the annual salary for recent Master of Architecture graduates is nearly 10 percent higher than that of practitioners who hold a Bachelor of Architecture degree. The M. Arch grads are shown to earn a median salary of $42,985; B. Arch grads earn $39,333 upon launching their careers.

Architects who earn their degrees then go on to pursue licensure are also at an advantage. The survey data show that upon licensure, architects typically see an increase in their base compensation of 5 percent to 9 percent. As further incentive, 81 percent of firms responding to the survey indicate that they pay some or all of the expenses for staff to take the Architecture Registration Examination.The research is published in the March/April issue of DesignIntelligence.

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