We are delighted to announce the following new honorary Senior Fellows of the Design Futures Council for 2012…

The Design Futures Council Fellowship is granted annually to outstanding individuals who have provided noteworthy leadership to the advancement of design, design solutions, and/or the design professions. Senior Fellows of the DFC are recognized for significant contributions toward the understanding of changing trends, new research, and applied knowledge that improve the built environment and the human condition. The final selection is make by the Senior Fellows Selection Committee of the DFC Executive Board.

We are delighted to announce the following new honorary Senior Fellows of the Design Futures Council for 2012:

Lauren Della Bella

Lauren is President of SHP Leading Design. She spearheaded the development of SHP’s nationally recognized community engagement process and has redefined SHP’s markets to offer new services to clients. Lauren served as a Co-Chair of the DFC Executive Board and hosted a meeting in Cincinnati. She is on the leadership council at the University of Cincinnati, is a national advocate and innovator of integrated delivery systems and a sought after speaker on the future of the industry.

Frank Duffy

Frank’s career has been focused on helping businesses use space more effectively over time. Frank co-founded DEGW in London. From that time onwards, Frank has continued to develop DEGW’s methodologies to enable clients to make more efficient, more effective, and more expressive use of workspace. He believes in research in the context of practice. He is a prolific writer and has taken a leading role in the debate about the future of the architecture profession. He has worked in both the London and New York offices of DEGW, and was a Visiting Professor at MIT. His latest book, Work and The City, was published in June 2008.

Curtis Fentress

Curt is founding principal of the 30-year-old Fentress Architects and designer of more than a dozen of the world’s most significant airport projects. In addition to his airport work, he has designed museums, convention centers, and courthouses, among other building types. He recently authored a book entitled,Touchstones of Design: (re)defining public architecture, and is the 2010 recipient of the AIA Thomas Jefferson Award. Fentress has been chair of the Leadership Council at NCSU and was its commencement speaker in 2011. He was the featured keynote presenter at the 2012 DFC Summit on Innovation and his presentation, The Architect in the Fog, is a YouTube Favorite.

Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke is principal of BIG, based in Copenhagen. An alumnus of Rem Koolhaas’s OMA practice, Ingels takes a similar approach: experimenting with pure space, but never losing sight of the building as a solution to a real-world problem. His manifesto “Yes Is More” takes the form of a giant cartoon strip, 130 meters long, that reminds people to keep thinking big – to see all our modern problems as challenges that inspire us. His deeply-thought-out and often rather large works – including several skyscrapers and mixed-use projects in a developing section of Copenhagen, plus a project for a new commercial harbor-island – work to bring coherence to the urban fabric and to help their occupants and users lead better lives.

Dr. Richard Jackson

Dr. Jackson has done extensive work in the impact of the environment on health, particularly relating to children. Dr. Jackson is Professor and Chair of Environmental Health Sciences at UCLA, as well as a Professor of the Environment & Sustainability in Urban Planning. Over the past decade much of his work has focused on how the ‘built environment’ including how architecture and urban planning affect health. He is the author of the popular book,Designing Healthy Communities.

Chris Jordan

Chris is an award-winning photographer who runs the numbers on modern American life – making large-format, long-zoom artwork from the most mind blowing data about our stuff. His work seeks to document the sheer amount of stuff we make and consume every day. Chris was a speaker at the 2008 DFC Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design in Vancouver. He is currently directing a new film titled MIDWAY that will lead viewers on a rich visual journey through Midway Island’s environmental paradoxes.

Larry Keeley

Keeley is a thought-leader’s thought leader. Articulate, down-to-earth and just plain smart, he’s the co-founder and president of the innovation and strategy consulting firm, Doblin, Inc., and the chief architect of the emerging science of innovation which is at the heart of Doblin’s practice. Keeley has devoted his entire career to the topic of innovation. Why? “Largely,” he says, “because I think it’s the greatest gift we can give each other as a species – a way to author a future, predictably and reliably – that we want to live in.” He is aDesignIntelligence and DFC contributor.

Mary Ann Lazarus

Mary Ann is one of the founders of the sustainable design initiative at HOK whose pioneering green leadership has helped propel sustainability from a fringe activity to a significant mainstream movement shaping the future of architecture. Her devotion to sustainability has extended outside the firm through her role as an author, lecturer, community advocate and volunteer at the local and national level. Mary Ann helped lead the USGBC response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and in 2008 led the formation of HOK’s alliance with the Biomimicry Guild to integrate nature’s innovations in the planning and design of buildings, sites and cities worldwide. She is past moderator of the DFC Summit in Atlanta and an active guru on environmental design issues.

Debra Lehman-Smith

Debra is has been providing thought leadership in design of interior spaces and interior architecture for the last three decades. After spending 12 years at SOM, she started her own practice, which today has become known within the business and design communities for its ability to merge client objectives and aesthetic preferences. In addition to her award-winning interior architecture, she also has a distinguished portfolio of product design for furniture, textiles, and fine china. She has worked in model partnerships with several DFC member firms inspiring innovative solutions. 

Steve McKay

Steve is a Senior Principal at DLR Group and the leader of the firm’s national Design Forum. Steve focuses on consistently elevating the bar of design excellence throughout all DLR Group offices, with emphasis on leading innovation and trends within a truly integrated design practice. Steve specializes in design discovery, working with client and design teams to determine visionary goals and objectives, programmatic synergies and design concepts that offer unique means of creating world class environments. Steve is a DFC Executive Board member.

Ruy Ohtake

Son of Japanese artist Tomie Ohtake, Ruy Ohtake is known for his dynamic and unusual architectural designs. Some fine examples of his projects are the half-moon-shaped Hotel Unique (considered by architecture pundit and DFC Senior Fellow Paul Goldberger to one of the seven wonders of the modern world), the Hotel Renaissance building, and commercial building Edifício Santa Catarina at Avenida Paulista – all three located in the city of São Paulo. He prepared an inspiring program for the DFC in Sao Paulo Brazil last May.

Richard Rogers

Richard’s ability to bring together the best team for a job, coupled with a clear design focus and intuitive understanding of how cities and people interact have ensured a string of successful commissions and projects and made a major impact on contemporary architecture. Key projects include the Centre Pompidou, Paris, Lloyd’s of London and Terminal 4 Madrid Barajas Airport. Since founding the practice in 1977, Richard Rogers has gained international renown as an architect and urbanist. He is a Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, recipient of the RIBA Gold Medal and was knighted in 1991. He is a past DFC speaker at our Copenhagen think tank.

William Sharples

William is a Founding Principal of SHoP Architects and SHoP Construction, established in 1996 and 2007, respectively. Under his leadership, SHoP has used evolving design technologies not only to produce innovative architectural forms but to streamline the design and construction process and create new efficiencies and cost-savings. For the last 15 years he has sought to combine the forces of design, finance, and technology in innovative ways to create a new model for the profession.

Alex Steffen

Alex is co-founder of Worldchanging, and was Executive Editor from 2003-2010. He is one of the world’s leading voices on sustainability, social innovation, and planetary futurism. Worldchanging’s solutions-based journalism played an important role in revealing formerly obscure innovations and groundbreaking ideas, thereby pushing forward the sustainability movement and changing the way we think about the planet’s most pressing problems. He will be a theme speaker at the 2012 Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design in Portland.

Jocelyn Wyatt

Co-Lead & Executive Director of IDEO.org, and a native of Portland, OR. After earning degrees in anthropology and business, Jocelyn was an Acumen Fellow, and then was recruited by IDEO’s Tim Brown to become the company’s first Director of Social Innovation. Her work showed the need for and potential of a nonprofit to serve the social sector. It works with clients ranging from the Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation, to TED and UNILEVER. The organization has taken on projects all over the world including global health, sanitation, and economic development. 

Scott Wyatt

Scott oversee the talents, accomplishments and business strategies of NBBJ’s nine offices as one of the firm’s Managing Partners. He has led the creation of new global headquarters for some of world’s foremost corporations including Boeing, Reebok, Telenor, Adobe, Amgen, Microsoft, and Russell. Through these projects and more he is recognized for sophisticated, highly functional design that is distinguished for translating a client’s vision, purpose, and culture into an elegant expression of interiors, building structure, and landscape. Additionally, Scott chairs the Nature Conservancy Board and is shaping the organization’s strategy to ensure a lasting & healthy environment for all of us. He is a former executive board member of the DFC.