“The Language of Leadership: Stories and Studies in Courage, Wisdom, and Sacrifice” by Louis L. Marines

Professional practice leadership for the 21st century — this is Lou Marines’ passion and his expertise. In his new book, The Language of Leadership, Marines brings to bear years of experience working with architecture, engineering, and construction firm leaders as he helps them better serve their organizations, their professions, and their society. He shares his wisdom candidly and with compassion through a series of insightful essays.

He writes: “There is too much intellect, spirit, and capacity in our industry and there are too many problems yet to be solved for us to settle for anything less than such a bright and humane future for our world. We have a shared responsibility to make the vision reality. I’m confident that we will find the way together.”

In The Language of Leadership, Marines explores what leaders need to be and do, how future leaders can be grown, and methods for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to express their passions and callings in service to society.

Readers will learn:

  • How to grow as a leader
  • How to generate collaboration
  • Secrets to building a firm’s value
  • Key leadership skills in real situations
  • How to develop leadership abilities in others
  • The value of authenticity, compassion, and courage

About the Author

Lou Marines is a widely respected authority on leadership development in the architecture/engineering/construction industry. He was chief executive officer and a board member of the American Institute of Architects from 1984 through 1989. In 1989, he founded the Advanced Management Institute for Architecture and Engineering (AMI, now a business unit of FMI Corp.). He is a frequent speaker on leadership topics.

“Lou brings a broad vision to any issue, a holistic view, an approach that addresses the specific issue and at the same time addresses its interconnectedness with all other organizational elements, especially people. Lou adds the people element to management consulting better than anyone I know. He is alert to the needs and roles of clients, employees, and managers. He enables communications, trust, and collaboration to grow and flourish.”
        Harry W. “Hal” Lochner, H.W. Lochner Inc.

“Lou has long been a leader in envisioning the future of the A/E/C industry and in helping individuals, firms, and our industry as a whole take a leadership role in our communities. His ability to look at the horizon and make that vision accessible to others has helped countless professionals advance their careers and has directly impacted the success of architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Lou has guided many of us in finding the best future leaders, mentoring them, and giving them the tools to become great leaders in their own right. An entire generation of leaders in our industry owe their abilities — directly or through the influence of his ideas — to Lou Marines.”
        Robert G. Packard, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP

About The Language of Leadership

Author: Louis L. Marines
Publisher: Greenway Communications LLC
Number of pages: 102

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