The 2008 Almanac of Architecture & Design is hot off the press and now available for purchase from the DI Bookstore. Click here for more details or to purchase this new edition of the Almanac.

For nine consecutive years, the Almanac of Architecture & Design has provided readers with sweeping views of events, benchmarks, and successes of the past year in design. Find out which building has assumed the title as tallest, which firms are winning awards, which architecture and design schools are considered the best, which projects and firms are at the top of their market segment, and who the leaders are in the profession.

592 pages. Edited by James P. Cramer and Jennifer Evans Yankopolus. Foreword by Marvin J. Malecha.

Highlights of the 2008 edition include:

  • Measurements of Design Success
  • Design Award Benchmarks
  • Green and Sustainable Innovation Records
  • Factbook on Compensation
  • Watershed Events that Shaped the Profession
  • Databases of Pacesetting Projects
  • Industry Rankings
  • Architecture Scorecards

Almanac of Architecture and Design