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Post 9/11: Owners don’t want to pay for more security

According to a new study released this month, less than half of 400 architects had a client ask for security features on existing buildings or designs during the past year. About 55 percent of the architects said clients seem to be making building safety a higher priority.

Wayne Bills of Detroit, one of the architects in the survey, said owners are interested in security but often rule out improvements because of cost. With some people “there’s an attitude this may have been a one-time incident,” he said.

Changes were made most often to government and justice buildings, health care facilities and schools, the report said. Updates included lighting, reinforced structural support, ventilation improvements and systems limiting access to parking lots and elevators. See:

Brookfield increases its hold on World Trade Center Property

This month, Brookfield Properties Corporation acquired Lehman Brothers’ 51percent interest in Three World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan for $158 million.

The 52-story, 2.1 million square foot tower is home to the world headquarters of co-owner American Express and is one of four towers in the World Financial Center complex. Brookfield also owns 100 percent of Towers One and Two and 51percent of Tower Four of the World Financial Center, comprised of eight million square feet in Battery Park City on the Hudson River.

The move represents 1.1 million square feet of vacant space to Brookfield’s eight million square foot portfolio of office property in downtown New York City, said Ric Clark, president and CEO of Brookfield. The company’s offices are in New York and Toronto.

Gulf of Mexico Offshore Drilling Platform a Record-Breaker

Plans for the installation of a 100,000-barrel-a-day oil platform are well on their way, 180 miles south of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. Anadarko’s project, Marco Polo, will the world’s deepest tension-leg platform. When operating in 2004 it is also expected to produce 250 million cubic feet of gas per day. The well is in water approximately 3,900 feet deep and the platform should be installed late next year.

Steeples now point to satellites

Anxious to avoid lawsuits and bad will created by the eye-sore of freestanding antenna towers, cell phone companies are “stealth wiring” everything from church steeples to smoke stacks. And they’re paying hefty restoration and rental fees as well, according to The New York Times.

In Connecticut steeples are commonly home to the towers, and companies pay $1,000 a month or more for the privilege. Sprint PCS will apply stealthing techniques to a 19th-century windmill in Fairfield. In return for the right to install three antennas within the 100-foot structure, Sprint will cover the $50,000 cost of restoring the municipal windmill’s mechanical parts. Structural repairs required to meet code could run to $150,000.

Architectural Internship Summit in October at University of Oklahoma

The 2002 Summit on Architectural Internship will be held Oct. 4-6 at the University of Oklahoma’s College of Architecture in Norman. Attendance at the actual three-day event is limited to 32 individuals. Five of those thirty-two people were selected by popular vote between June 1 and June 13.

Goals for the conference are to formulate specific benchmarks for successful implementation of each of the nine Collateral Internship Task Force (CITF) recommendations; explore and discuss existing academic, practice and state board-based models for implementation in other jurisdictions; and institute methods to communicate and expand the ongoing national dialogue regarding architectural internship. CITF goals listed are:

1. Accessibility into the profession should be broadened.

2. Practice should be integrated into education.

3. Education should be integrated into practice.

4. Every candidate for registration should have a professional degree from a NAAB/CACB-accredited program or its equivalent.

5. Alternative paths for obtaining professional experience leading to registration should be accepted.

6. Examination should be permitted upon graduation.

7. Continuous learning and mentorship are fundamental to the profession.

8. National and international reciprocity should be strengthened.

9. Architecture graduates should be recognized for their knowledge and abilities.

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