SUMMARY: Edificio Malecon
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Owner/Developer: Newside SA
Architect: HOK
Completion Date: 2002
Building Type: Glass Office Tower
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 125,000 GSF; 1.5 acres

Project Description: Technologically advanced glass office tower designed for energy efficiency and long-term operational effectiveness.

• Long narrow slab minimizes heat gain, pinched
at east and west extremities to ensure views to all
• High-performance curtain wall systems
• Operable windows in office spaces
• Naturally ventilated stairwells
• Utilized local materials and local trade expertise


SUMMARY: City Central Tower 1
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Owner/Developer: Commonwealth Property Office Fund
Architect: Woods Babot
Completion Date: 2006
Building Type: Commercial Office Tower
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 31,291 sq. m.

Project Description: First five star green certified office tower in South Australia and the largest Green Star development to date.

• Passive chilled beam technology
• 100 percent fresh air supply
• Low energy lighting
• Dimmable ballasts and occupancy lighting controls
• Close proximity to public transport
• 80 percent of building steel is 100 percent
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SUMMARY: Solarsiedlung
Location: Freiburg
Owner/Developer: Rolf Disch
Architect: Rolf Disch
Completion Date: 2002
Building Type: Passive House Solar Townhouses
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 60 townhouse units

Project Description: A group of plus energy houses that save energy through passive house design and produce a surplus of energy from their solar PV roofs.

• Energy Production
• High efficiency ventilation
• Natural lighting
• Non-toxic, natural-finish materials
• Pedestrian designed neighborhood

SUMMARY: Solar Fabrik
Location: Freiburg
Owner/Developer: Solar Fabrik
Architect: Rolf + Hotz Architects
Completion Date: 1998
Building Type: Factory and Office Building
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 1000 m_ office building, 2000 m_ production space
(10,760 s.f. and 21,500 s.f. respectively)

Project Description: This is said to be the first emissions free industrial building. It is a photovoltaic factory that derives all the energy it uses from renewable energy sources.

• Minimized use of energy for heating and cooling due to Passive House design
• All energy provided by PV panels and a co-generator fueled by pure rapeseed oil
• Emissions-free PV panel production
• Use of collected rainwater in toilets and site irrigation
• Zero use of PVC in building materials
• Geo-thermal heating and cooling of building
• Natural lighting of building


Location: Torre Reforma Plus, Col. Lomas Altas, Mexico, D.F.
Owner/Developer: PAPSA
Architect: SPACE/Juan Carlos Baumgartner
Date of Completion: 2006
Building Type: Commercial/Office
Type of Construction: Renovation
Project Size: 6,000 sq. ft.

Project Description: Green office renovation, in the Torre Reforma Plus Building, for ecological furniture designer, PAPSA.

• Reduction of artificial light usage by photo cells and motion sensors
• Reuse of 60 percent of the building’s original materials (non structural)
• Diversion of 75 percent of demolition and construction waste from landfills
• Recycled content in construction materials greater than 40 percent
• Raised floor injection HVAC system is a low energy, high performance system

SUMMARY: Corp. Insurgentes 553
Location: Av. Insurgentes Sur #553, Col. Escandón, Mexico, D.F.
Owner/Developer: Hotel Fiesta Inn
Architect: Picciotto Architects
Completion Date: 2003
Building Type: Commercial/Office & Hotel
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 15 floors, 156,080 sq. ft. offices + 210 hotel rooms

Project Description: This mixed-use hotel and office building was designed to take maximum advantage of passive system cooling and natural lighting.

• Two atriums introduce natural light to interior spaces and pull heat out of the atrium, naturally cooling the offices
• Tensile fabric sunscreens shade the southeast façade, where light is the most intense
• Filters and storage tanks in the underground parking lot aid in the re-use of grey water
• Daylight and views from all offices

Location: Paseo de la Reforma, Col. Del Cuauhtémoc
Owner/Developer: HSBC
Architect: HOK
Completion Date: 2006
Building Type: Commercial/Office Building
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 32 floors; 839,350 sq. ft.

Project Description: The new HSBC Mexico corporate headquarters will be the first LEED silver rated building in Latin America.

• Accessible by public transportation
• Rainwater collection used in bathrooms, the
air conditioning system and in the watering
of plants
• Intelligent lighting systems
• Ninety percent of occupied space has a view
to the outside and 75 percent use natural light
• Green Guard-certified furniture
• Promotion of employee carpooling and
bicycling to work

SUMMARY: Casa Davila Paez
Location: Col. Los Cristales, South Monterrey
Owner/Developer: La Familia Dávila Paez
Architect: Diana Paez
Completion Date: 2000
Building Type: Single Family House
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 1 floor, 215 m_

Project Description: Diana Paez and Raul Dávila are both architects. They put their sustainable design skills to work in the design of this house, creating a low energy, low water use house that takes advantage of passive design strategies to keep costs low.

• Passive solar and ventilation design
• Thermal insulating EIFS exterior (Monolite)
• Grey water re-use
• Natural light throughout open plan house
• Uses 15 percent of the electricity of a normal house


SUMMARY: STRI Research Station
Location: Bocas del Toro, Panama
Owner/Developer: The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Architect: Kiss + Cathcart, Architects
Completion Date: 2003
Building Type: Higher Education Laboratory
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 7.530 sq. ft.

Project Description: Designed to be “net zero” impact.

• Rainwater collection
• Narrow plan with cross ventilation
• Passive cooling
• Treatment of own waste
• Generates own energy


SUMMARY: One George Street
Location: Singapore
Owner/Developer: George Street PTE LTD
Architect: SOM/DCA
Engineers: ARUP
Completion Date: 2005
Building Type: Glass Office Tower
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 125,000 gross sq. ft.; 1.5 acres

Project Description: Fast-tracked, expandable office tower project featuring state-of-the-art façade system allowing for optimum daylight penetration, and reduced glare and heat transmission.

• Extensive use of landscape and sky gardens reduce ambient air temperature
• Infinity pool, roof terraces and public circulation areas afford abundant shade
• Decreased need for artificial light


SUMMARY: R3 Project
Location: Barri Gotic, Barcelona
Owner/Developer: Petz Scholtus
Architect: Petz Scholtus
Completion Date: 2007
Building Type: 1800s apartment building in Barri Gótic
Type of Construction: Eco-renovation
Project Size: 55 m_

Project Description: Petz is an eco-designer and sustainability consultant in Barcelona. When she purchased this flat, the renovation became her side project to see how green she could get and still remain economical. Her blog follows the entire project, which is projected to finish by summer of 2007 (

• Sustainably harvested cork flooring
• Low energy water heater
• Reduced flow fixtures in bathroom
• Flush length control toilet
• Recycled plastic “slate” tiles in bathroom
• Reuse of tub, certain windows, and doors


SUMMARY: Augustenborg
Location: Augustenborg, Malmö, Sweden
Owner/Developer: MBK
Completion Date: 2006
Building Type: Public Housing Neighborhood
Type of Construction: Remodel and New Construction
Project Size: 4 or 5 acres of public housing in various stages of remodel along with recently constructed buildings

Project Description: Renovation of a public housing project that dates back to the 1950s. Some of those first old houses are still preserved. Project is a good example of a project that meets the 3 legged stool analogy for sustainability.

• Geothermal heat and cooling from the ground
• Solar energy and hot water systems
• Rooftop gardens
• On-site storm water management
• Employment of community residents
• Cap on rents of pre-development rates
• Emphasis on areas conducive to social interaction

SUMMARY: Chabo Student Housing
Location: Chalmers Campus, Gothenburg, Sweden
Owner/Developer: Chalmersfastigheter A.B.
Architect: Gunilla Murnieks
Completion Date: 2006
Building Type: Student Housing Apartment Building
Type of Construction: New Construction
Project Size: 14 floors; 238,700 gross sq. ft.; 193,750 rentable sq. ft.

Project Description: On campus student housing designed to be as energy efficient as possible.
When the inhabitants are present and contributing to the building heating through body heat, the concrete thermal mass of the structure negates the need for active heating until the external temperature drops below -5°C.

• Low energy usage as compared to similar buildings
• Heat pumps to heat and cool efficiently
• Concrete thermal mass frame and structure
• Motion sensor controlled lights
• Ecological paints and sealants

SUMMARY: Ekocentrum
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Owner/Developer: Ekocentrum
Completion Date: 2003
Building Type: Commercial/Office Building
Type of Construction: Eco-renovation of 118 year old building
Project Size: 1 floor; 1500 m_

Project Description: Ekocentrum is an office that houses exhibits on sustainable building materials, showcases sustainable projects, and offers consulting on sustainable building practices. They also function as a museum for people of all ages to learn more about sustainable building and design.

• Urine separating toilets
• Natural & recycled finish materials
• Rooftop garden
• Small solar panel installation
• Smart windows
• Reduced electro-magnetic fields


SUMMARY: Alberici Corporate Headquarters
Location: St. Louis, MO
Owner/Developer: Alberici Redevelopment Corp.
Architect/Engineer: Mackey Mitchell Associates
Completion Date: December 2004
Building Type: Corporate Office
Type of Construction: Renovation
Project Size: 110,000 sq. ft.

Project Description: Conversion of a 50-year old manufacturing facility into Class-A office spaces. Achieved LEED Platinum certification and is called the “greenest” building in America.

• Deconstructed and recycled the original 60,000 sf. office building
• Two retention ponds eliminate storm-water runoff
• Walking trails
• Rainwater capture used for sewage conveyance 65-kilowatt turbine produces 20 percent of the building’s total energy needs