Though firms face uncertainty from many directions such as technology, changing roles and relationships in design and delivery, and the economics of real estate, no challenge is so important or vexing as talent—hiring, compensating, retaining and engaging employees. As the economy strengthens and backlogs fill, finding top talent is an increasing challenge for professional practices. In such a market, professionals have options, and firms struggle to attract top talent … and to compensate them and retain them once found.

For those on the receiving end, compensation can seem like a simple, uncomplicated concept. It seems as effortless as a person considering his or her contribution and effectiveness in a firm and deciding what they want or feel they deserve in return.

To help firms and organizations in the A/D/E arena hire and retain the best of the best, DI Research presents our survey-based research report Professional Compensation on cash compensation and benefits. These are the fundamental financial building blocks of a package that includes other extrinsic rewards like bonuses, incentives and surprise compensation. If considered holistically, the total picture also includes intrinsic rewards like social compensation and sense of purpose, as well as ways to measure performance and keep everyone in the system accountable to strategic objectives.

















In a hyper-competitive talent market, the data and information in this report will provide leaders and managers with essential benchmarking tools contributing to an overall compensation strategy.

We hope Professional Compensation serves to support leaders and decision makers in better aligning incentives with performance that ultimately leads to the growth and sustainability of the profession—helping our readers run more successful, resilient organizations.

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