Collected News and Trends from DesignIntelligence Vol. 8, No. 8.

Strategic Leadership Makes Green and Sustainable Design Work

Being a leader in green and sustainable design is not easy. Successful strategic prominence in the field is often accompanied by seven key operating principles based on research from The Greenway Group. These principles affect almost every stage of the green and sustainable strategy development. They are:

1. Insist on innovative approaches — an angle or value proposition unique in its positioning
2. Don’t develop the green initiative until you have a true champion — leader
3. Offer up incentives to partner level architects and designers who lead the firm’s cultural change
4. Link compensation to green and sustainable deployment success in studios and project teams
5. Push the pace of change — stress urgency
6. Foster dynamic and robust intellectual dialog at all levels ranging from boardroom to the project site supervision
7. Recruit and train the best talent
Source: Counsel House Research

Top Ten Green Projects

2002 AIA/COTE Awards

  • Bank of Astoria, Manzanita, Oregon
    Tom Bender, Architect

  • Building 850, Energy & Sustainability Showcase Project, Port Hueneme

  • California CTG Energetics (Constructive Technologies Group)

  • Camp Arroyo, Livermore, California
    Siegel & Strain Architects

  • Edificio Malecon, Buenos Aires

  • Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, Ankeny, Iowa
    RDG Bussard Dikis

  • National Wildlife Federation Headquarters, Reston, Virginia

  • Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies, Oberlin College, Ohio
    William McDonough + Partners

  • Pier 1, San Francisco

  • Puget Sound Environmental Learning Center, Bainbridge Island, Washington

  • Tofte Cabin, Tofte, Minnesota
    Sarah Nettleton Architects