In a design and business environment of rapid change, leaders look for tools and benchmarks to help them make better decisions with greater clarity.

Current leaders are not only planning for the future, but also guiding their firms through the challenges of today. The DesignIntelligence leadership survey addresses several key areas of concern to those who run firms of all sizes, including firm management, compensation, characteristics of successful leaders, future trends, and succession planning. The answers to these questions represents advanced thinking from owners and managers of today’s leading firms.

The first few questions address the importance of performance metrics.

How do you prefer to measure the performance of your firm?

Top five responses:

  1. Financial metrics (profitability, net revenue, market growth, backlog)
  2. Client satisfaction and number of repeat customers
  3. Design recognition and excellence
  4. Employee satisfaction and retention
  5. Number of sustainable/LEED projects

The full report is available as part of the July/August issue: DesignIntelligence 2013 Sustainable Design & Leadership Surveys


In May 2013, DesignIntelligence surveyed 122 senior decision-makers in North American architecture and design firms on the subject of leadership. Individuals were chosen to receive the survey based on their positions of leadership within firms that exemplify best practice.

Surveys were delivered and completed online. Data aggregation was performed by Greenway Group research staff, who ensured the accuracy and confidentiality of the information.