We asked industry leaders to rate the following statements true or false and share their insight

Design technology will profoundly impact the design professions.

91.9% TRUE

Technology has, and will continue to impact the design professions, but some AEC leaders argue the degree of the impact. While it has revolutionized the way the industry collaborates, it still takes the same smart, creative people to operate the technology, especially when it’s constantly changing and evolving. One thing is for sure, it is required for lean, efficient and sustainable design construction, as well as differentiation, which is the future of the industry.


The future of architecture and design belongs to the large and megalarge firms that offer integrated services.

71.4% FALSE

Not every project requiring an architect or designer is a sky-scraper or mixed use building. While those projects may be better suited for a larger firm, most importantly one with experience and a strong portfolio in the particular market sector, there will always be smaller projects perfect for smaller, local firms. It’s all about the scale and the experience. As long as there is work in a variety of scales, there will be a variety of firm sizes. Many AEC leaders also believe that with an improving economy will come an increase in the number of firms, thus increasing competition. Collaboration between firms as well as differentiation will become very important.


Small and medium-sized firms are at a disadvantage.

63.9% FALSE

As stated above, many AEC leaders believe that there will always be a need for small firms like large firms. Medium-sized firms may be at a slight disadvantage, but if they find a niche and excel in it, they will thrive and create competition. Small firms that can collaborate and share responsibilities internally and/or with other firms will be at an advantage.


Asia-based firms will effectively compete in North America.

51.6% TRUE

This issue has the vote divided- American firms currently work in China, but will there be a switch in the near future? Our AEC leaders have a variety of opinions. It depends on a number of factors including, first and foremost, the economy. If their market slows and ours picks up, they may find the American market appealing. They may also compete in production and engineering, but either way, Asian firms will have to become more “America-savvy”.