A preview of the DesignIntelligence May/June 2015 Technology Trends & Innovation issue

Technology for a professional service firm is a bit like the nervous system in a body: pervasive, indispensable, and a bit mysterious. It operates deep out of site in our organizations and most can only describe in the vaguest terms how it works. When everything is going well, we are only aware of what the system allows us to accomplish: no one thinks of the phone after a successful call. But when something goes wrong, the pain is undeniable.

The other time technology makes itself known is when the bill arrives. While many see the essential need to invest in CRM systems for marketing, design hardware and software in the studios, or the right estimation and project management tools, few can say with clarity what return their firm received from each technology spend. Consequently, leaders in many firms struggle with finding the optimum level of investment in information technology (IT) staff, hardware, and software.

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