In the past 20 years, professional practices in A/E/C have made tremendous strides in the battle to make our built environment more sustainable. However, the magnitude of the issues we face calls for greater impact and new solutions. At DesignIntelligence, we believe that the work being done by convicted, deep-green design and construction practitioners is inspiring; hence, the impetus for this special, deep-green practice edition of the DesignIntelligence Quarterly


The articles in this special edition were written by experts in green design and sustainability, and include:

  • Dave Gilmore (DesignIntelligence); “Common and Effective Use of Language Across the Green Community”
  • Pablo La Roche (CallisonRTKL and Cal Poly Pomona University); “Rethinking the Future of Sustainable Design”
  • Sandy Mendler (Mithun); “Lessons Learned from Resilient by Design: How Designers Can Engage Communities to Think Forward”
  • Eric Carbonnier, Eera Babtiwale and Bruce Boul (HMC Architects); “The Impact of Distributed Leadership and Non-traditional Partnerships”
  • Enzo de Laurentiis (World Bank); “Made to Fit: Procurement at World Bank”
  • Cindy Wallis-Lage (Black & Veatch); “The Price of Water”
  • Ed Mazria and Vincent Martinez (Architecture 2030); “Part of the Solution: Defeating Climate Change” 
  • Anica Landreneau (HOK); “Sustainability Beyond Practice”
  • Dan Watch (Perkins+Will); “The Practice of Governing: An Interview”
  • Leila Kamal (formerly of EYP), Teresa Rainey and Leigh Stringer (EYP); “In Search of Zen” 
  • Jason F. McLennan (McLennan Design; founder of Living Building Challenge); “A Case for Regenerative Design: An Interview”
  • Colin Rohlfing (HDR Architecture); “Defining Regenerative Design: An Interview”
  • Alexia Lidas (DesignIntelligence Australia); “Australia’s Ranking for Energy Efficiency Highlights Greater Issues” 
  • Nico Kienzl (Atelier Ten); “Sustainability Trends: A Global Perspective”

The issue rounds out with:

Scott Simpson (editor-at-large at DesignIntelligence); “How Green Becomes Green”

Lynn Barrett (institutional affiliate liaison at DesignIntelligence); “Evaluating Sustainable Design and Design for Health in the Graduate Presentation Program”

There are wisdom quotes about the current state of sustainable and regenerative design from Rand Ekman (HKS), Fiona Cousins (Arup), Dave Goldberg (Mithun), and Stacy Smedley (Skanska USA Building).

And finally, DesignIntelligence Research conducted the “2018 SUSTAINABLE, RESILIENT AND REGENERATIVE DESIGN RESEARCH PROJECT; Standards, Barriers, Ideas and Initiatives” in which we collected insights and information from top architecture, engineering and construction industry experts on important issues in sustainable, resilient and regenerative design. We investigated:

  • The most effective standards or systems in sustainable, resilient and regenerative design;
  • Key barriers on the firm and industry level to the practice of sustainable, resilient and regenerative design;
  • The most compelling messages to promote sustainable, resilient and regenerative design; and
  • The most effective ideas, programs, initiatives and interventions that firms can engage in order to benefit the natural environment.


As A/E/C professionals, we must move to the next step of environmental stewardship. And we can offer a powerful resonance within our audiences to move toward regenerative design to the betterment of our world.

You can read our 3Q 2018 DesignIntelligence Quarterly Deep Green Edition here.