January: Trends and Forecast Issue: 2007 Unfolding

Special Issue: Trends transforming the design professions, a Design Futures Council forecast. Panel discussions on business plan expectations and detailed insight from leading firm executives.

February: The Future of Sustainable Design

Highlights innovation, opportunities, and new paradigms in growth, energy, infrastructure, sustainability, and the role of design in shaping our built environment. Features the work and commitments of delegates from the Design Futures Council 2006 Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design and emerging green leadership design strategies.

March: Design Firm Compensation Survey

Offers benchmark and standards for compensation and benefits in the design professions including executive compensation and bonuses; features annual leading firm survey results and industry metrics. Includes in-depth analysis of emerging trends in recruitment, retention and employment from leading AEC human resources professionals.

April: Leadership Strategy: Technology

Interviews with thought leaders and an analysis of select firms and the hardware and software they employ. Previews new research and the maximized utilization of current technologies. Highlights firms on the leading edge of technological growth and the application of technology and its impact on productivity and design parameters.

May: Design Firm Brand Analysis

Ranks leading brands in architecture and design through an array of traditional and emerging marketing vehicles. Delves into the essence of brand survival, brand equity, and the successes of innovative and pervasive market differentiators. Reveals firm challenges and strategies for product differentiation and brand recognition. Includes foresight interviews with experts in AEC brand development.

June: Shaping Insight: the Strategic Planning Issue

Focus on the tools for foresight and futures analysis used by today’s leading firms. Explores emerging trends and existing changes impacting the design professions and examines how these trends can mean a competitive advantage for designers and their clients.

July: Global Leaders Report

Showcases the work of top-performing US-based multinational design firms in the context of emerging world markets and population trends. Invaluable insight from industry leaders on the advantages and disadvantages of multinational design distinction. Addresses the myriad issues facing multinational firms from logistics and staffing, to technology, licensure, and building regulations.

August: Design Demographics

A detailed contextual analysis of demographic trends in the design professions; provides an insightful look into the makeup of today’s leading firms. Includes detailed demographic surveys, reviews global trends in population centers, people, consumption, and emerging economies. Analysis of the impacts of cultural diversity on the nature of design and the needs of tomorrow’s leading firms.

September: Leadership Strategy: Performance and Productivity

Addresses the measures and culture of productivity in a changing design profession. Considers issues weighing on productivity analysis and pinpoints strategies for achieving high performance. Leadership discussions on productivity metrics and the tools employed in performance measurement.

October: The Future of the Built Environment

Reports on specific building types and highlights innovations as developed by firms of distinction. Pinpoints emerging trends, details technological changes, and development tools impacting particular building types and their life cycles. Discussions with select leaders on challenges and emerging opportunities. Details the impact of new trends in lifecycle management, design build, building lifecycle and building information management.

November: Practitioners rank America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools

The issue features the industry’s only definitive design school rankings as determined by practitioners employing recent graduates. Articles by educators, students, and design leaders address into the future of design academics and the state of new recruits. Where do top designers hail from? Where are leading firms recruiting? What does the future of recruitment in design look like? It’s all here, along with an historical and current glimpse of who’s who in design academia.

December: Almanac of Architecture & Design

800+ pages included in this annual blockbuster. Features photos, statistics and details of award-winning design projects for the past year; provides benchmark for top design and honors significant contributions to the profession. An insightful and entertaining resource for anyone passionate about good design.