Leadership trends brought about or exacerbated by the advent of BIM:

  • Leaders don’t need to use the software but do need to understand the issues, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Leaders need to manage expectations among firm members.
  • The BIM manager has to be the technology evangelist with the ability to discuss the risks and rewards of the  technology objectively.
  • BIM requires a balance of the most dynamic leaders on the architectural side and on the construction side.
  • The best communicator is quite often the most effective leader.
  • Firms have a documented organizational hierarchy: The experience is something altogether different based on personality, level of trust, needs, and comfort levels.
  • While an executive team can be appointed to oversee a project, there will always need to be a point person to lead the overall process. Ultimately, there must be a single point of contact. 
  • Architects can achieve leadership of the BIM process by acquiring a collaboration mind-set.