A revolution has already begun in the architecture profession.

There are hundreds of individual architects throughout the world standing up and becoming catalysts for change. Below are eight independent architects who have found their strengths, developed their purpose and have taken the lead in architecture.

Lira Luis

If you are an architect active on Twitter, I am quite certain you have bumped into Lira Luis. She’s a Taliesin Fellow, Principal Architect at her Chicago-based eponymous firm, Atelier Lira Luis, LLC, an educator, blogger, speaker and one of the most credentialed professionals I have known to date. Lira contributes articles as a resident blogger in Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow, Benjamin Moore’s Expert Architects, the AIA KnowledgeNet Blog and speaks on the topics of Design, Social Media for Architects, Sustainability, Organic Architecture as well as the topic of one of the original entrepreneur architects, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Evan Troxel, Neal Pann and Cormac Phalen

Last year, Evan Troxel, Neal Pann and Cormac Phalen, all friends through Twitter and having not ever physically met, decided to join forces and share their experiences as individual architects with the world. The Archispeak Podcast (www.ArchispeakPodcast.com) “is the show that dares to peek under the architectural kimono, exposing what architecture really is, what it is that architects really do, and why we are so passionate about our chosen profession.”

Jes Stafford

Jes Stafford is the founder of Big Time Small Firm (BTSF), a Google+ community for professionals practicing architecture in small firms. BTSF is a great place to share ideas, discuss best practices and position your team for healthy growth with outstanding results. Jes hosts the BTSF Google Hangout where he invites small firm practitioners to join him and converse live on video about practicing architecture as a small firm architect.

Bob Borson

Partner at Michael Malone Architects in Dallas, Texas, Bob Borson is taking the lead through writing and connecting architecture with the world. As Chairman of the Digital Communications Committee for the Texas Society of Architects, Bob works to guide and expand the voice of Texas architecture. His personal blog, Life of an Architect
(www.LifeofanArchitect.com), is one of the most visited blogs on the web written by an independent practicing architect. People throughout the world have learned much about the life of an architect through Bob’s entertaining and often humorous weekly posts.

Enoch Sears

Enoch Sears is the founder of Business of Architecture (www.BusinessOfArchitecture.com). Devoted exclusively to helping small firm architects turn their business into a “client attraction magnet,” the site offers ways architects can make more money and use time more effectively. Enoch hosts a video podcast where he features an interview with a successful professional where the lessons learned help architects take their own architecture businesses to the next level.

Jeff Echols

Jeff Echols is the Social Media Director for an award-winning architecture firm and the Social Media Campaign Manager for industry professionals. You may have seen the very engaging tweets by @Jeff_Echols leading up the 2014 AIA Convention. He develops and implements strategies for marketing success in architecture and documents the good, the bad and the ugly in social media at his website Architect of the Internet (www.ArchitectoftheInternet.com).

Mark R. LePage is Partner in Charge of Operations at Fivecat Studio Architecture and the founder of Entrepreneur Architect, an online education resource inspiring architects to build better businesses.