Oldest Architecture Firms

The following North American architecture firms were founded prior to 1915 (their specific founding dates indicated below) and are still operational today.

Year Firm Location
1853 Luckett & Farley Louisville, KY
1853 SmithGroup Detroit, MI
1868 Jensen and Halstead Chicago, IL
1868 King & King Architects Syracyse, NY
1870 Harriman Auburn, ME
1871 Scholtz Gowey Gere Marolf Architects & Interior Designers (SGGM) Davenport, IA
1873 Graham, Anderson, Probst, & White Chicago, IL
1874 Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott Boston, MA
1876 Keffer/Overton Architects Des Moines, IA
1878 The Austin Company Kansas City, MO
1878 Ballinger Philadelphia, PA
1880 Beatty, Harvey, Coco Architects New York, NY
1880 Holabird & Root Chicago, IL
1880 Zeidler Partnership Architects Toronto, Canada
1884 SMRT Portland, ME
1885 Cromwell Architects Engineers Little Rock, AR
1885 HLW International New York, NY
1887 Bradley & Bradley Rockford, IL
1889 CSHQA Boise, ID
1889 MacLachlan, Corneliu & Filoni Pittsburgh, PA
1889 Wank Adams Slavin Associates New York, NY
1891 Mathes Brierre Architects New Orleans, LA
1891 SSP Architectural Group Somerville, NJ
1892 FreemanWhite Raleigh, NC
1893 Foor & Associates Elmira, NY
1894 Colgan Perry Lawler Aurell Architects Nyack, NY
1894 Freese and Nichols Fort Worth, TX
1895 Brooks Borg Skiles Architecture Engineering Des Moines, IA
1895 Albert Kahn Associates Detroit, MI
1896 Hummel Architects Boise, ID
1897 Baskervill Richmond, VA
1897 Ittner Architects St. Louis, MO
1898 Beardsley Design Associates Auburn, NY
1898 Berners-Schober Associates (BSA, Inc.) Green Bay, WI
1898 Burns & McDonnell Kansas City, MO
1898 Eckles Architecture New Castle, PA
1898 FEH Associates Inc. Des Moines, IA
1898 Foss Architecture & Interiors Fargo, ND & Moorhead, MN
1898 PageSoutherlandPage Austin, TX
1901 SHP Leading Design Cincinnati, OH
1901 Wiley & Wilson Lynchburg, VA
1902 WBRC Architects, Engineers Bangor, ME
1906 AC Martin Partners Los Angeles, CA
1906 CJMW Winston Salem, NC
1906 Ratcliff Emeryville, CA
1906 Swanke Hayden Connell Architects New York, NY
1906 Zimmerman Architectural Studios Milwaukee, WI
1907 Eppstein Uhen Architects Milwaukee, WI
1907 Fletcher Thompson Shelton, CT
1907 H2L2 Philadelphia, PA
1907 Richter Cornbrooks Gribble Baltimore, MD
1908 Harley Ellis Devereaux Southfield, MI
1908 Kahler Slater Architects Milwaukee, WI
1908 Somdal Associates Shreveport, LA
1909 Howell Rusk Dodson Architects Atlanta, GA
1909 Lionakis Sacramento, CA
1909 Moeckel Carbonell Associates Wilmington, DE
1909 TRO/Jung Brannen Boston, MA
1910 HFR Design Nashville, TN
1911 IKM Incorporated Pittsburgh, PA
1912 Graham, Anderson, Probst, & White Chicago, IL
1913 Potter Lawson Madison, WI
1913 Saxelbye Architects Jacksonville, FL
1914 HNTB Kansas City, MO
1915 Leo A Daly Omaha, NE

Source: DesignIntelligence