Sasaki was founded 60 years ago on the basis of interdisciplinary planning and design. Today, our services include architecture, interior design, planning, urban design, landscape architecture, strategic planning, civil engineering, and graphic design. Among these disciplines, we collaborate with purpose. Our integrated approach yields rich ideas and surprising insights.

We approach our work from a foundation of wide-ranging expertise and bring fresh energy and innovation to each project. Our culture is inquisitive—we are passionate about ideas. Our professionals embark on research efforts and contribute to thought leadership in our respective disciplines.

From our studio in Boston, Massachusetts, we work in a variety of settings—locally, nationally, and globally. We ask the right questions and listen attentively. We are team-based, both internally and with our clients. Together, we examine the problem and the context in which it exists.

Sasaki is an innovator. We play a leading role in shaping the future of the built environment through bold ideas and new technologies. We approach sustainability through the lenses of economics, social context, and the environment. Our solutions are not only effective—they are poetic and enduring. Our approach helps clients make smart, long-term decisions that result in greater value for them, and a better future for the planet.