Buildings & Architecture

Listings of architecturally significant airports, aquariums, art museums, convention centers, and sports stadiums, with their requisite architectural statistics, are available in this chapter. The Tallest Buildings ranks the world’s 100 tallest buildings as determined by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

  • Airports
    1990–2014: Airports have evolved over the past century from small, utilitarian structures to sprawling multi- purpose complexes. Engineering challenges, the popularity of regional airlines, the need to accommodate larger jets, and expansion in asia have resulted in the construction of countless new airport terminals since 1990.
  • Aquariums
    The opening of Boston’s New England Aquarium in 1969 ushered in a new age for aquariums, combining the traditional ideas found in the classic aquariums of the early 20th century with new technology and revised educational and research commitments. Aquariums have since proliferated. The following pages highlight the major free-standing aquariums in the United States.
  • Art Museums
    By some calculations there are more than 16,000 museums in the United States. While the collections they hold are often priceless, the facilities that contain them are frequently significant, especially amidst the recent museum-building boom led by world-class architects. The following chart, while not comprehensive, lists architecturally significant US art museums.
  • Convention Centers
    In the past decade public spending on convention centers has doubled to $2.4 billion annually, and since 1990 convention space in the us has increased by more than 50 percent. The following is DesignIntelligence’s list of the largest us convention centers with their requisite architectural statistics.
  • Sports Stadiums
    From classic ballparks to cutting-edge arenas and stadiums, the following charts provide statistical and architectural highlights for all major-league baseball, basketball, football, and hockey venues in the United States.
  • Tallest Buildings
    The following list ranks the world’s 100 tallest buildings as determined by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.