Almanac of Architecture & Design

Why does design matter? This is the question that has underpinned our commitment year after year as we have published the Almanac of Architecture & Design.

In this 16th edition, we have combined the traditions of the past 15 volumes of the Almanac along with new and expanded information on the top 1,000 firms in North America, the largest 333 firms, and the signal awards and data—information that gives evidence that design matters. These top firms are the organizations that provide meaningful impact, innovative solutions, and enhanced quality of life for clients and users. And the design and architecture featured in these pages showcase design excellence and the importance of good design.

In this installment, we embrace innovation. It’s a complex world. Clients are seeking bold solutions. In response, we have expanded and enhanced the Almanac content online. Here you will be able to find and search everything that is within these pages and much more. Get the latest award and statistics updates. Search the top North American firms by revenue, staff size, market segments, and many other data points. These multimedia features provide ready reference for professionals as well as the clients and users of design services, helping them to discover and utilize design excellence.