Making packaging sustainable

September 16, 2010 posted by DesignIntelligence

Making packaging sustainable

Richard Seymour gets your attention when he says, "My first rule of recycling is don't."

The cofounder and director of London-based Seymourpowell goes on to say: "The first thing I want you to do is try to find ways to annihilate a sense of disposability...find ways to make things work much better."

For Seymour, that better way is packaging that can be reused again and again. "Reusability is an incredibly important part of understanding the sustainability agenda," he says.

Making packaging sustainable is the fifth in the Eastman Innovation Lab's special edition Into the future videos with Seymour, an outspoken designer widely respected for his futuristic thinking.

"One of the best ways around the problems that we face in much packaging is to just do things in different ways," Seymour says, adding: "Designing a better way to do something doesn't just mean the thing itself. It means how it actually takes place."

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