Master Planner Jan Gehl

August 22, 2011 posted by DesignIntelligence

Master Planner Jan Gehl

"We discussed why architects were not properly interested in people and peoples behaviour and people's wishes"

"Just watching what people where doing, counting them, making sketches of where they where placed in the space. Based on all this came forward a rather precise pattern of behaviour, because people are very predictable. And when you take people and human beings as a departure point and the biological history of men it becomes very logical what we like, where we like to go, where we feel comfortable and where we feel utterly uncomfortable. The problem with modern planing has been that all this knowledge which was part of tradition had gone missing in this transition from a traditional way of building into modern planing and ever since we have build to big spaces to cold spaces to closed buildings, we have lost our sense of the human scale as planners and architects."- Jan Gehl

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