File Tracking for Todays AEC Professional

Apr 30, 2007 · by Daniel Downey

With speed the “critical value for clients,” AEC project managers must maintain timely, efficient access to myriad project related data required in the execution of key process decisions. Read full »

Community-Based Tech Ubiquity in the Built Environment

Apr 30, 2007 · by Leigh Lally, et al.

Many individuals already have on-the-go access to unprecedented amounts of real-time information through a variety of hand-held, satellite-linked devices such as cell phones, global-positioning... Read full »

Thirty-Five Trends to Watch in 2007

Jan 1, 2007 · by The Greenway Group

Each year The Greenway Group, a foresight and strategic management consulting organization in Atlanta, Georgia, slices and dices global design and construction trends in dozens of different ways. Read full »

2007 Unfolding: Mastering the Future

Jan 1, 2007 · by James P. Cramer

New, quite simply superior, project integration strategies and processes will be coming into full view in 2007. And with talent in short supply, those with scarce skills and intelligent strategies... Read full »

All in Favor of Opposition: Study Reveals Overwhelming Opposition to Land Development

Jan 1, 2007 · by P. Michael Saint

No matter the type of project a developer wants to build in 2007, fiercely committed citizen opponents are almost certain to say, “NO.” Read full »

Building in the Fifth Dimension

Oct 20, 2006 · by Lonnie Cumpton

Re-visioning building design with Building Lifecycle Management Read full »

Real People - Awkward Demographics

Oct 18, 2006 · by James P. Cramer

One of the most unreliable subjects in our design professions has been that of demographics. Fuzzy data about the design professions and occasional fallacies imbedded in soft evidence can lead to... Read full »

Drivers of Change

Aug 10, 2006 · by Chris Luebkeman

There is no doubt that, as our built environment has transformed from a local phenomenon to a global one, we are now confronted with more pressing social, technological, economic, environmental and... Read full »

Architecture in the Experience Economy

Feb 10, 2006 · by B. Joseph Pine II

Those who read the pages of DesignIntelligence already know what is going on in the world of business: as goods and services everywhere become commoditized, we’re shifting to an economy based on... Read full »

Soliciting Readers' Opinions

Sep 8, 2005

The MP3 player, digital cameras, Blackberries, the Internet. The last 25 years have seen a myriad of new innovations. We at DesignIntelligence are asking you to submit your choices for the most... Read full »

Carpet Giant Uses Alternative Fuel Source to Run Plant

Sep 8, 2005

Shaw Industries is opening a $10-million power plant in the carpet capital of the United States, Dalton, Ga., which will be fueled by 16,000 tons of the company's own carpet scraps and 6,000... Read full »

University Raises Millions of Dollars In Research Grants and Contracts

Sep 8, 2005

The University of Kentucky (UK) has introduced a $1.6-billion budget for the 2005 to 2006 fiscal year, a measure that represents an investment in the university and the state designed to conquer... Read full »

Pacesetting Commissions, August 2005

Sep 8, 2005

13 pacesetting commissions. Read full »

Solving London's Housing Problem?

Jul 26, 2005

There is growing concern among several groups in England that crowding will occur, not to mention a reduction in the quality of life, with the establishment of higher-density housing developments... Read full »

Our Nation's Destiny Begins with the Creation of Mega Entertainment Venue

Jul 26, 2005

Commercial real estate developer Robert Congel is raising a whopping $20 billion to build Destiny USA, a 75-million sf entertainment complex in upstate New York. Read full »

Grant Applications Due Soon

Jul 26, 2005

The deadline for applications to be considered for grant funding from the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF), an organization that offers funding to projects that expand the recognition... Read full »

Metro Trend Data Released

Jul 26, 2005

Reed Construction Data has released Reed Market Fundamentals Second Quarter 2005, with new economic and demographic data for 54 of the top U.S. metro areas. Read full »

Asia Home to Most Expensive Cities

Jul 26, 2005

Eight of the world’s most expensive cities, according to a survey released in June by U.K. human resources firm, Mercer, are in Asia, which is a consideration if your firm is bidding on projects... Read full »

Who's on the Team? Rapid Role Changes in Design

May 26, 2005 · by Gerald S. Hammond

Ed. note: This is Gerry Hammond’s perspective on how design roles have changed in the past decade. Read full »

A Selective History: a Decade of Design

May 26, 2005

Here is a little more detail on the events noted in this issue’s timeline. Read full »

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