A LEED on the Competition

Jun 7, 2007

With the heightened interest in green and sustainable design, LEED professional certifications have become a popular tool for succesful AEC firms to distinguish their services from those of less... Read full »

A Sustainable Relationship: Design, Environment, and Health

Mar 25, 2007 · by J. Lynn Fraser

Living walls are an aesthetic delight. But they also provide important services to the environments in which they are situated. Read full »

Sustainability in Action

Mar 25, 2007

ARGENTINASUMMARY: Edificio Malecon Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Owner/Developer: Newside SA Architect: HOK Completion Date: 2002 Building Type: Glass Office Tower Type of Construction: New... Read full »

The Santa Fe Priorities - Action Items 2007

Mar 25, 2007

Here are specific actions agreed upon by conference delegates to be implemented in the short term by all summit participants. Read full »

Nantucket Principles: A Policy Agenda for Architecture and Design Firms on Green and Sustainable Design

Mar 25, 2007

On September 28-30, 2002, 85 design firm professionals and AEC leaders gathered on Nantucket, MA, for the Design Futures Council's Architects' Environment Summit. Read full »

Going Green: You Can Bank On It!

Mar 25, 2007 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

It's a common assumption that sustainable design costs big money, which is why so many business and government leaders have been reluctant to embrace the fundamental changes necessary to... Read full »

An Ethos of Sustainable Design

Mar 25, 2007 · by James P. Cramer

The leading international network of climate scientists recently released their fourth (1990, 1996, 2001, and 2007) assessment report on the future of climate. Read full »

Drivers of Change

Aug 10, 2006 · by Chris Luebkeman

There is no doubt that, as our built environment has transformed from a local phenomenon to a global one, we are now confronted with more pressing social, technological, economic, environmental and... Read full »

The Global Architect Next Door

Aug 10, 2006 · by James P. Cramer

Architecture and design that can promise progress to the planet can also hasten abuse of the natural environment. Read full »

Learning Sustainability

Dec 21, 2005 · by Leah Ray

Gensler Chicago's summer internship in sustainable design brings together a group of the best and brightest design students to advance academic research while working in a professional design... Read full »

Sustainability Roundtable: Green Design Moves from Trend to Standard

Sep 26, 2005

The fourth-annual Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design is fast approaching, and the topics of discussion centering around this concept are endless. Read full »

Carpet Giant Uses Alternative Fuel Source to Run Plant

Sep 8, 2005

Shaw Industries is opening a $10-million power plant in the carpet capital of the United States, Dalton, Ga., which will be fueled by 16,000 tons of the company's own carpet scraps and 6,000... Read full »

The Importance of Being Bucky (Buckminster Fuller)

May 26, 2005 · by Andrew Charles Yanoviak

An Unorthodox Primer on How to Be Great. As a 20th century futuristic practitioner and iconic philosopher, “Bucky” Fuller was and is, an architect’s architect and a scientist’s scientist. Read full »

Incorporating Green Principles Can Benefit Elder-Friendly Design

Apr 27, 2005 · by Robert C. Pfauth

Sustainable design can be ideally suited for environments in which housing and care for frail seniors is provided. While the advantages of green buildings extend to all users and inhabitants, they... Read full »

4th Annual Sustainable Design Summit Set for November

Mar 21, 2005

The location for the DFC’s annual sustainability meeting for design leaders has just been announced: Read full »

LEED Cost Does Not Have to Inflate Project Budget

Aug 15, 2004

A recent analysis of LEED-seeking projects by Davis Langdon Adamson found no significant premium costs for using green products and practice to achieve certification. Read full »

What Two Years Can Do

Aug 15, 2004

In looking at stats prior to our first Leadership Summit on Sustainability in 2002, we published the following states as having the fewest LEED-accredited professionals. Read full »

If It's Not Criticized, It's Not Leadership

Aug 15, 2004 · by James P. Cramer

When you step into a leadership position you become the target of criticism and second-guessing, likely beyond what you are prepared for...It is a permanent price that you pay, so learn to cope with... Read full »

Living Roof Earns Green Kudos and Floor-Ratio Bonus

Aug 15, 2004

When Chicago’s Bank One decided to go with architect DeStefano + Partners’ plan for a green roof on one of the complex’s low-rise towers, the city granted an increase of five square feet for... Read full »

Stupid or Greedy? Top 10 Environmental Policy Offenders

Aug 15, 2004 · by Jerald L. Schnoor

Inspired by TV's David Letterman, it is time for a Top 10 list of the most seriously stupid environmental policies in the United States. Read full »

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