Awaken Your Inner Architect

Apr 30, 2007 · by James P. Cramer

Successful practice management in the architecture, design, and construction marketplace is not dependent on firm size alone. It is about leveraging talent and resources to give clients what they... Read full »

2007 Unfolding: Mastering the Future

Jan 1, 2007 · by James P. Cramer

New, quite simply superior, project integration strategies and processes will be coming into full view in 2007. And with talent in short supply, those with scarce skills and intelligent strategies... Read full »

Architecture in the Experience Economy

Feb 10, 2006 · by B. Joseph Pine II

Those who read the pages of DesignIntelligence already know what is going on in the world of business: as goods and services everywhere become commoditized, we’re shifting to an economy based on... Read full »

A Delicious Yet Dangerous Paradox

Sep 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

Increasingly, firms are reporting higher percentages of backlog because of increased repeat client work. It is quite natural to think of this as a financial strength. Read full »

Carpet Giant Uses Alternative Fuel Source to Run Plant

Sep 8, 2005

Shaw Industries is opening a $10-million power plant in the carpet capital of the United States, Dalton, Ga., which will be fueled by 16,000 tons of the company's own carpet scraps and 6,000... Read full »

University Raises Millions of Dollars In Research Grants and Contracts

Sep 8, 2005

The University of Kentucky (UK) has introduced a $1.6-billion budget for the 2005 to 2006 fiscal year, a measure that represents an investment in the university and the state designed to conquer... Read full »

Firms Report Fees, Profits Edging Up

Sep 8, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

This headline is not a mistake. *DesignIntelligence* is currently conducting research on the growth rates at several hundred firms in the United States and Canada. Read full »

Deeper Strategic Thinking

Jul 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

In the 10th anniversary issue of DesignIntelligence, I wrote an article titled “Why the Future Won’t Need Today’s Architects” that some of you thought was overly sensationalist. Read full »

Why the Future Won't Need Today's Architects

May 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

What’s next for successful architecture, engineering, and design practices? This is the question we will explore more deeply in the upcoming months in DesignIntelligence. Read full »

DFC Thought Leaders Consider Two Decades of Design

May 26, 2005

When any decade is compressed, examined and filtered, it seems tumultuous. But the stretch from 1995 to now has without question been a doozy for design and the world at large. Read full »

The One Percent Solution for Pro Bono

Apr 27, 2005

If all of the United States' 240,000 architects gave 20 hours a year to pro bono work, the result would effectively be a 2,500-member firm, working full-time for clients who could not normally... Read full »

Delivering on Great Design: Charting Your Success

Oct 15, 2004 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

Truly creative people do things that, by definition, have not been done before. At the same time, each and every job is bounded by the parameters of budget and schedule, which provide the... Read full »

Don't blow site approval; when time counts, get a professional

Jul 12, 2004

In a time where nearly every project has an "aggressive" schedule, an informal/informational meeting with the city or town's planning department is a good idea. Read full »

Informed Cooperation Beats Friction, Outsourcing, Lawsuits

May 15, 2004 · by Ed Friedrichs

Let there be no doubt, [the deep divide between architects and interior designers] exists—and the reasons are deeply rooted and sustained by our universities, professional societies and... Read full »

The New Wave in Major, Minor League Sport Design

Apr 15, 2004

Baseball still holds the title of America’s pastime. In this issue, we present the architectural stats book: all the majors and AAA parks, who built them and when; their cost and capacity. Read full »

Ascendancy vs. Gravitational Pull

Apr 15, 2004 · by James P. Cramer

This issue of DesignIntelligence is primarily about the facts and trends in baseball park design. But between the lines here is a story about professional ascendancy. Read full »

Design Integration is Key

Mar 15, 2004 · by James P. Cramer

Strategy is a strange word, often overused and misused. Its common use would suggest that the term strategy is unambiguous and its meaning strong and clear. But it is not. Read full »

Metrics of Value: Capitalize or Capsize

Feb 15, 2004 · by James P. Cramer

What is the real value of the professional design services in your firm? Like quality, the meaning of value might seem slippery and elusive, but it needn’t be. Read full »

Management by Design: Exploiting the Neglected Power of Form

Sep 15, 2003 · by Dr. Richard Farson

Designers have often been encouraged to learn about management, but equally true, managers need to learn about design. As a broad-ranging discipline with centuries of history, design adds to the... Read full »

How Informed is Your View of the Future?

May 15, 2003

For our 8th Anniversary issue, we decided to ask leaders from widely different areas of the field—higher education, human behavioralists, designers and those who look at the long financial future... Read full »

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