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The Ephemera of Brand

Jun 7, 2007 · by James P. Cramer

Following several months of discussions, Foster and Partners has announced an ownership transition offering up a brand revolution of sorts. Read full »

All in Favor of Opposition: Study Reveals Overwhelming Opposition to Land Development

Jan 1, 2007 · by P. Michael Saint

No matter the type of project a developer wants to build in 2007, fiercely committed citizen opponents are almost certain to say, “NO.” Read full »

KieranTimberlake's SmartWrap Getting Attention

Aug 15, 2003

Imagine bricks and mortar being replaced by “smart” walls that are made of an ultra-thin polymer-based film—the same material used in a plastic soda bottle. Read full »

Get Bullish; Say What You Mean

Jul 15, 2003

Deloitte's consulting arm has issued a free jargon-busting program that works close to how a spellchecker does: by targeting suspect words and nailing them. Read full »

Beyond Gehry, Hadid, Graves: Architect in a Starring Role

May 15, 2003

Do you recall that Charles Bronson’s character in Deathwish was an architect? The list of Hollywoood-created architects was compiled by Tammy Ruggles, BSW, MA. Read full »

Yuletide Greetings Can Linger Beyond the Holidays

Jan 15, 2003

Because a lot of our cards come from designers, we like to review those received over the recent holiday season and rank our favorites. Read full »

How is Your Reception Perceived?

Jan 15, 2003

Recently, Counsel House Research conducted its annual telephone survey of firms, to determine current size and to validate address information. Read full »

Brand Building Crucial to Future Success

Oct 15, 2002 · by Terry L. Johnson

The absence of brand focus always astonishes us considering that in most companies, “the brand” in the broadest of contexts should be the single most valuable organizational asset. Read full »

Delivering on Client Expectations through Strategic Alliances

Jul 15, 2002 · by Stephen Fiskum, AIA

The exceptional firm may possess all of the qualities the client needs; in many cases, though, a project may best be achieved through a strategic alliance of firms. Read full »

9.11: In Disaster's Wake

Oct 1, 2001 · by Kerry Harding

The sudden destruction of the nation's financial center will wreak havoc on the nation's design firms in a number of ways, many yet to be discovered. Read full »

Slow Times Need Fast Thinking

Feb 1, 2002 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

While nobody can predict with certainly what course the economy will take, there are some tactics that will help you navigate the slow periods. Read full »

Book Boosts Design Firm Marketing

May 9, 2008

How does a firm go beyond simply answering requests for proposals and take charge of its marketing? By using the knowledge and skill that are readily available to them, architecture, engineering,... Read full »

Economic Crises Will Change the Construction Industry

Mar 2, 2009 · by Barbara Golter Heller

Not only will data about supply chain, personnel, and expenditures become more important, but projects across the country will compete with each other to achieve the best quality, cost... Read full »

Brand Building for the Long Haul

Jan 4, 2010 · by Bill Wittland

A case study in holding on to a venerable past while embracing future opportunities. Read full »

The Promise of Space: Branding and Architecture in Theory and Practice

Jan 8, 2010 · by Christine Astorino

Turning a structure into an emotional experience isn’t easy. But it can be both satisfying and strategic. Read full »

Forging Invaluable Partnerships

Jan 8, 2010 · by Mark VanderKlipp

Creating long-lasting and fruitful relationships with clients requires that we see ourselves as more than problem solvers. Getting to clients’ deep foundational issues, assessing their long-term... Read full »

Design Leadership and the Environment

Jun 25, 2010 · by James P. Cramer and Jane Gaboury

These are tough times for the environment. The old solutions don’t work any longer, and there are no simple answers. Read full »

It's a New Decade, But Is There a Difference?

Jun 25, 2010 · by R.K. Stewart

Everyone talks about climate change, increasing energy efficiency, and the impact of buildings. What have been the results? Read full »

Sustainable Growth as Public Policy

Jun 25, 2010 · by Mark E. Strauss

If we are going to transform our environment, then political leaders need to become advocates for sustainable planning and design practices. Read full »

The Value of Authenticity

Jun 25, 2010 · by Louis L. Marines

Common businesses practices such as performance appraisals reinforce the cultural standard to conform rather than differ. But conformity is not what leaders are made of. Read full »

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