Performance, Productivity, and Profits

Oct 19, 2006 · by James P. Cramer

Performance and productivity are closely linked words yet, in many firms, they are neither treated nor understood in the same way. In subtle ways they are very different indeed. Read full »

Architecture in the Experience Economy

Feb 10, 2006 · by B. Joseph Pine II

Those who read the pages of DesignIntelligence already know what is going on in the world of business: as goods and services everywhere become commoditized, we’re shifting to an economy based on... Read full »

A Delicious Yet Dangerous Paradox

Sep 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

Increasingly, firms are reporting higher percentages of backlog because of increased repeat client work. It is quite natural to think of this as a financial strength. Read full »

Firms Report Fees, Profits Edging Up

Sep 8, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

This headline is not a mistake. *DesignIntelligence* is currently conducting research on the growth rates at several hundred firms in the United States and Canada. Read full »

DI's Firm of the Month: HKS

Sep 8, 2005

CEO Ralph Hawkins Speaks out on Growth, Recruitment, BIM Technology, and the Future Read full »

Deeper Strategic Thinking

Jul 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

In the 10th anniversary issue of DesignIntelligence, I wrote an article titled “Why the Future Won’t Need Today’s Architects” that some of you thought was overly sensationalist. Read full »

Why the Future Won't Need Today's Architects

May 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

What’s next for successful architecture, engineering, and design practices? This is the question we will explore more deeply in the upcoming months in DesignIntelligence. Read full »

Navigating the Most Complex Human Resource Dilemmas

Mar 21, 2005 · by Williston Dye, AIA

It’s time to evolve the “Human Sacrifice Department” into “Human Prosperity Department” within the architectural firm. Read full »

Delivering on Great Design: Charting Your Success

Oct 15, 2004 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

Truly creative people do things that, by definition, have not been done before. At the same time, each and every job is bounded by the parameters of budget and schedule, which provide the... Read full »

ASD Harmonizes Architecture, Interiors

Mar 15, 2004

Here is [ASD] vice president Michael Neiswander’s comments on how to make the chemistry work and philosophies blend: Read full »

Can Your Culture Use a Redesign?

Oct 15, 2003 · by James P. Cramer

Without your leadership the organization’s culture may not develop the edge that success requires; without it expectations will falter and disappoint. Read full »

Management by Design: Exploiting the Neglected Power of Form

Sep 15, 2003 · by Dr. Richard Farson

Designers have often been encouraged to learn about management, but equally true, managers need to learn about design. As a broad-ranging discipline with centuries of history, design adds to the... Read full »

2010: A Year of Convalescence

Jan 8, 2010 · by James P. Cramer and Jane Gaboury

The 25 most significant trends transforming architecture and design can offer sustenance during a painfully slow recovery. Read full »

A Visionary Agenda: 30 Trends Will Thin the Herd

Jun 15, 2002 · by James P. Cramer

Despite the daily assault of traditional marketing tactics, we believe clients are actually persuaded most often by the power of word of mouth and by what they hear from trusted sources. Read full »

9.11: In Disaster's Wake

Oct 1, 2001 · by Kerry Harding

The sudden destruction of the nation's financial center will wreak havoc on the nation's design firms in a number of ways, many yet to be discovered. Read full »

Beware "Loss of Signal"

Jan 1, 2002 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

Most organizations comprise layers of management that operate very much like a caste system. Horizontal communication in any given layer is relatively easy and fluid, but communication either up or... Read full »

Slow Times Need Fast Thinking

Feb 1, 2002 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

While nobody can predict with certainly what course the economy will take, there are some tactics that will help you navigate the slow periods. Read full »

Coping with Change: Is Fast Fast Enough?

Feb 1, 2002 · by Mary Breuer

As the owner of an executive search firm working with service providers and owners, we’ve been able to observe a variety of organizations both at their most hectic in responding to apparently... Read full »

The Power of Intentional Design

Feb 15, 2000 · by B. Joseph Pine II

Mass Customization is no longer the oxymoron it was when Stan Davis coined the term ten years ago, nor the “new frontier” it was when I wrote my book five years ago. Read full »

From Silos to Networks: Organizing for Success

Oct 5, 2007 · by Scott Simpson

Good design and good management are simply two sides of the same coin—they are mutually necessary and mutually reinforcing. Read full »

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