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Thirty-Five Trends to Watch in 2007

Jan 1, 2007 · by The Greenway Group

Each year The Greenway Group, a foresight and strategic management consulting organization in Atlanta, Georgia, slices and dices global design and construction trends in dozens of different ways. Read full »

Delivering on Great Design: Charting Your Success

Oct 15, 2004 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

Truly creative people do things that, by definition, have not been done before. At the same time, each and every job is bounded by the parameters of budget and schedule, which provide the... Read full »

Don't blow site approval; when time counts, get a professional

Jul 12, 2004

In a time where nearly every project has an "aggressive" schedule, an informal/informational meeting with the city or town's planning department is a good idea. Read full »

Dimensional Model Sharing Eliminates Risk,Duplication

Jun 15, 2004 · by Patrick Mays

By sharing digital models with consultants and subcontractors, the profession can go far beyond improving the way drawings are produced to change the very way buildings are built. Read full »

How Building Products Can Reach, Markets Faster, More Profitably

May 15, 2004 · by Richard D. Voreis

Achieving [these] goals above will also allow building product manufacturers to more effectively serve their customers, architects and general contractors. Read full »

Sports Engineering Requires Speed, Skill, Endurance

Apr 15, 2004

Few building structures rival the complexity of Minute Maid Park. Walter P. Moore says retractability made the analysis of the curving roof at least six times more complicated than a fixed roof of... Read full »

Life-cycle planning solves distance, information problems

Feb 15, 2004

For clients with large, complex projects and properties spread over several sites, the need for comprehensive planning and architectural design services goes well beyond the ribbon-cutting. Read full »

Metrics of Value: Measuring How Design Adds Up

Feb 15, 2004 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

Ambitious firms may claim all four as core values. The important point is that to be successful, your firm needs to be distinguished in some way. What makes it special? What drives the bus? Read full »

Two Leading Firms Look Ahead as They Turn 50

Apr 1, 2003

Founded 50 years ago, Hammel Green & Abrahamson and Sasaki and Associates have different philosophies and strategies as they pursue continued success. Read full »

2003 Market Sector Forecast

Jan 15, 2003

Total Building Construction for 2003 (HIGH, LOW) +1.8 | -3 % Total A/E/ID Fee Forecast Change +3 % | -5 % By Sector: Sports facilities +4.2% | +1.5% Government – Public works +4% |... Read full »

2003 Unfolding Why Some Firms Will Prosper Despite Economic Uncertainty

Jan 15, 2003 · by James P. Cramer

What are you planning for 2003? Aggressively adapt to the trends transforming the industry and regardless of the economic tremors, within six months to a year, your practice will soar. Read full »

Translating Design Value into Business ROI

Sep 25, 2002 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

It’s been said that “design” is both a noun and a verb—a product and a process. While we may have words to describe design, it’s devilishly difficult to define because it means so many... Read full »

Trends & Strategies: July, 2002

Jul 15, 2002

A partial compilation of sidebar information from printed edition of DI Read full »

Project Delivery Vehicles and Technology Drivers

May 1, 2002

New tools are bringing innovation to old processes. Read full »

The Role of Technology in Reshaping the AEC Industry

May 30, 2008 · by Peter Beck

Building information modeling is much more than the next big thing. Read full »

Roundtable: Tools of Today Are Opportunities for Tomorrow

May 11, 2009

DesignIntelligence invited several of the profession’s leaders to participate in a virtual roundtable to share their thoughts on issues of technology. Read full »

BIM's Effect on Design Culture

May 11, 2009 · by Merle Bachman

BIM is more than a technology or a tool. It represents a sea change to the design process. How we prepare our firms for this shift will have everything to do with our future success. Read full »

Each Minute Defines Us

Jul 7, 2009 · by James P. Cramer

By changing your use of minutes, you challenge your limiting beliefs — your convention — your thinking and doing. Read full »

New Measure of Success

Jan 8, 2010 · by David Hancock

By taking into account whole building performance, our designs can offer structures that are more sustainable, more satisfying to clients, and longer lasting. The trick is measuring performance. Read full »

Hope Amid a Slow Construction Comeback

Jan 11, 2010

25 trends transforming architecture and design indicate there are opportunities amid the sluggish recovery. Read full »

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