Who's Worried About Technology?

Apr 30, 2007

Physical boundaries have never been a hurdle when it comes to team collaboration, so what if this same team, now playing computer games, grows up to be architects, engineers, and construction... Read full »

Negotiating the Future

Oct 20, 2006 · by James P. Cramer

The world has changed. Further change is unfolding rapidly. Today's practice leaders are developing fundamental yet agile viewpoints to achieve success in new ways. Read full »

Let the Client Drive Your Organization

Oct 19, 2006 · by Ed Friedrichs

Listening to young architectural graduates whine about clients being their only hindrance to doing great work used to really distress me. Read full »

Architecture in the Experience Economy

Feb 10, 2006 · by B. Joseph Pine II

Those who read the pages of DesignIntelligence already know what is going on in the world of business: as goods and services everywhere become commoditized, we’re shifting to an economy based on... Read full »

Confronting Commoditization

Aug 9, 2013 · by Joan Capelin

Commoditization is a big, handwringing topic that conjures up any number of nuisances in the path of what should be an enjoyable professional practice. Read full »

Who's on the Team? Rapid Role Changes in Design

May 26, 2005 · by Gerald S. Hammond

Ed. note: This is Gerry Hammond’s perspective on how design roles have changed in the past decade. Read full »

Why the Future Won't Need Today's Architects

May 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

What’s next for successful architecture, engineering, and design practices? This is the question we will explore more deeply in the upcoming months in DesignIntelligence. Read full »

Eight Steps to Better Communications

May 15, 2003 · by Scott Simpson, FAIA

Communicating clearly is one of the most powerful “design tools” available, and yet very few of us ever receive formal training in how to be good communicators. Read full »

Leaders Roundtable: Success in Asia-Pacific

Mar 15, 2003

Asia and the South Pacific are home to some of the biggest architectural projects in the world at the moment. What follows is a Q & A with leaders who know the territory. Read full »

Yuletide Greetings Can Linger Beyond the Holidays

Jan 15, 2003

Because a lot of our cards come from designers, we like to review those received over the recent holiday season and rank our favorites. Read full »

How is Your Reception Perceived?

Jan 15, 2003

Recently, Counsel House Research conducted its annual telephone survey of firms, to determine current size and to validate address information. Read full »

Book Boosts Design Firm Marketing

May 9, 2008

How does a firm go beyond simply answering requests for proposals and take charge of its marketing? By using the knowledge and skill that are readily available to them, architecture, engineering,... Read full »

Communicating Your Distinctive Competency

Oct 6, 2008 · by Sharon Berman

Few firms are truly unique in their competencies or capabilities. However, if you are able to define and then communicate what makes your organization distinctive, you’ve already gone a long way... Read full »

Advice for Design Entrepreneurs

Oct 6, 2008 · by Brenda Richards and Kathleen Soldati

Design entrepreneurs who don’t yet possess the resources to hire full-time marketing staff must do the job themselves: Be the expert, get that message out, and business will come to you. Read full »

An Enviable Design Portfolio

Nov 10, 2008 · by Harold Linton

Whether you’re preparing to launch a new career or working to build up your firm’s client base, a well-prepared portfolio is a calling card that can open doors. Read full »

Roundtable: Tools of Today Are Opportunities for Tomorrow

May 11, 2009

DesignIntelligence invited several of the profession’s leaders to participate in a virtual roundtable to share their thoughts on issues of technology. Read full »

A Process to Build High-Performance Teams

Jul 7, 2009 · by David Thiel

Six characteristics are present in teams that are able to achieve exceptional results. Read full »

Attaining A/E/C Market Prominence

Sep 4, 2009 · by Joe M. Powell

Research at the Rice University Building Institute reveals a dozen strategies for increased competitiveness. Read full »

The $100,000 Question

Nov 5, 2009 · by Andrew Caruso

It’s the query every student should be asking: How do I make the most of my design education? Read full »

Preparing for a New Practice Paradigm

Jan 8, 2010 · by Stephen Fiskum

Although creative disruption has always affected our business, this time around is different. Strategically optimistic professionals who align the zones of marketplace, skill, and passion, however,... Read full »


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