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Awaken Your Inner Architect

Apr 30, 2007 · by James P. Cramer

Successful practice management in the architecture, design, and construction marketplace is not dependent on firm size alone. It is about leveraging talent and resources to give clients what they... Read full »

Leadership Roundtable: Three Firms Discuss a Changing Benefits and Human Resources Landscape

Mar 30, 2007

Representatives from one small, one large, and one extra-large firm respond to emerging issues, discuss changes and trends in human resource management, and relate their experiences in the areas of... Read full »

2007 Unfolding: Mastering the Future

Jan 1, 2007 · by James P. Cramer

New, quite simply superior, project integration strategies and processes will be coming into full view in 2007. And with talent in short supply, those with scarce skills and intelligent strategies... Read full »

A Sustainable Relationship: Design, Environment, and Health

Mar 25, 2007 · by J. Lynn Fraser

Living walls are an aesthetic delight. But they also provide important services to the environments in which they are situated. Read full »

The Santa Fe Priorities - Action Items 2007

Mar 25, 2007

Here are specific actions agreed upon by conference delegates to be implemented in the short term by all summit participants. Read full »

Nantucket Principles: A Policy Agenda for Architecture and Design Firms on Green and Sustainable Design

Mar 25, 2007

On September 28-30, 2002, 85 design firm professionals and AEC leaders gathered on Nantucket, MA, for the Design Futures Council's Architects' Environment Summit. Read full »

Is Your Firm World Class?

Apr 20, 2006 · by Williston Dye, AIA

We all think we’re the best. We all think that our firm is better than those other guys. We all think that our designs are the best. We all think that we do everything right. Read full »

Architecture in the Experience Economy

Feb 10, 2006 · by B. Joseph Pine II

Those who read the pages of DesignIntelligence already know what is going on in the world of business: as goods and services everywhere become commoditized, we’re shifting to an economy based on... Read full »

LEAP by Design: The Leadership, Empowerment and Accountability Program

Sep 26, 2005

The future success of your firm is linked to how well you manage and motivate your employees as well as hold them accountable. Read full »

Designer Compensation: How Important is Money, Really?

Sep 26, 2005 · by Robert Smith

As the economy grows stronger and the range of new work expands, there is a renewed focus on the importance of attracting and retaining qualified staff. Read full »

Firms Report Fees, Profits Edging Up

Sep 8, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

This headline is not a mistake. *DesignIntelligence* is currently conducting research on the growth rates at several hundred firms in the United States and Canada. Read full »

DI's Firm of the Month: HKS

Sep 8, 2005

CEO Ralph Hawkins Speaks out on Growth, Recruitment, BIM Technology, and the Future Read full »

Confronting Commoditization

Aug 9, 2013 · by Joan Capelin

Commoditization is a big, handwringing topic that conjures up any number of nuisances in the path of what should be an enjoyable professional practice. Read full »

Deeper Strategic Thinking

Jul 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

In the 10th anniversary issue of DesignIntelligence, I wrote an article titled “Why the Future Won’t Need Today’s Architects” that some of you thought was overly sensationalist. Read full »

Redesign Your Profits: Value-Based Fee Structure

Jul 26, 2005

A brutal fact of reality for architecture and engineering firms is that prevailing pricing and compensation methods—setting fees on the basis of direct labor cost (whether selling hours on a... Read full »

Who's on the Team? Rapid Role Changes in Design

May 26, 2005 · by Gerald S. Hammond

Ed. note: This is Gerry Hammond’s perspective on how design roles have changed in the past decade. Read full »

The Importance of Being Bucky (Buckminster Fuller)

May 26, 2005 · by Andrew Charles Yanoviak

An Unorthodox Primer on How to Be Great. As a 20th century futuristic practitioner and iconic philosopher, “Bucky” Fuller was and is, an architect’s architect and a scientist’s scientist. Read full »

Why the Future Won't Need Today's Architects

May 26, 2005 · by James P. Cramer

What’s next for successful architecture, engineering, and design practices? This is the question we will explore more deeply in the upcoming months in DesignIntelligence. Read full »

Some setbacks are inevitable, but visionaries are usually optimists

Apr 15, 2004 · by James P. Cramer

One of the obvious perils of being an optimist happens when a discovery leads to extreme disappointment. Read full »

Informed Cooperation Beats Friction, Outsourcing, Lawsuits

May 15, 2004 · by Ed Friedrichs

Let there be no doubt, [the deep divide between architects and interior designers] exists—and the reasons are deeply rooted and sustained by our universities, professional societies and... Read full »

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