Strategic Alliance Brings On-Line Project Management to I.D.

August 1, 2001 · by DesignIntelligence

"As an added benefit to ASID commercial designers, the new relationship between ASID and also involves the development of an important tool to measure the impact of redesign on worker productivity in office spaces."

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and announced a three-year strategic partnership. Beginning Sept. 30, the new alliance will make custom project management tools available to ASID members in all design specialties through a co-branded Web site. ASID represents the interests of more than 30,500 members, including 20,000 interior design practitioners, design students and industry and retail partners.

ASID members will gain access to the co-branded site from within the ‘members only’ section of ASID’s Internet address ( Dan Cornish, founder and Chief Executive Officer of, headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, said, “These tools provide a system designed to speed design and construction by enabling collaboration and communication across the Internet. The service will be offered on a fee-per-use basis. Software upgrades are automatically included at no additional cost to save users from repeatedly buying software that is soon outdated.” Online tools include: secure document sharing, secure drawing sharing with a Java markup tool, scheduling information, budget information, a calendar and contact manager, request-for-information logs, submittal logs, meeting minutes, and other useful features.

Juli Catlin, FASID, president of ASID added, “We are very happy to offer our members the opportunity to use a quality custom project management tool that can be easily accessed at any time of the day, from anywhere. This system, specifically designed for ASID members, can be used by an entire team—interior designer, client, architect, engineer, construction company, sub-contractors, etc.”

As an added benefit to ASID commercial designers, the new relationship between ASID and also involves the development of an important tool to measure the impact of redesign on worker productivity in office spaces. This tool, called the ASID Workplace Performance Measurement Module (WPMM), will be available Nov. 30 on the new co-branded Web site. It will allow interior designers to measure the effect that their services have had on employees attitudes and opinions. When combined with other data, such as employee performance, attendance, and profitability, the information compiled by the WPMM will effectively connect the impact of workplace design with workplace performance and productivity. When completed, the WPMM will automatically create a project case study and enter the results into ASID’s knowledge management database for review via the Web. ASID members may use this module at no additional cost. As a result of their strategic alliance, ASID and will also undertake joint marketing efforts to promote the use of the project management tools and the ASID Workplace Performance Measurement Module.

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