Honor Roll: 30 Leaders Who Bridge Practice, Education

November 15, 2004 · by DesignIntelligence

Leading practitioners were surveyed to discover the most respected educators who are notable in bridging the practice of architecture with higher education.

During the summer and fall of 2004 Greenway Group’s Counsel House Research surveyed leading practitioners from throughout the United States to discover the most respected educators who are notable in bridging the practice of architecture with higher education. The following 30 “role models” have been selected by the editors from those nominated by architecture firms:

1. Robert A.M. Stern, Yale School of Architecture
2. Marvin Malecha, North Carolina State University
3. Harrison Fraker, University of California, Berkeley
4. Laura Lee, Carnegie Mellon University
5. Gary Hack, University of Pennsylvania
6. Doug Kelbaugh, University of Michigan
7. Bob Greenstreet, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
8. Tom Fisher, University of Minnesota
9. Dennis Law, Kansas State University
10. Ray Yeh, University of Hawaii
11. R. Thomas Jones, Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo
12. Tom Galloway, Georgia Tech
13. Phil Bernstein, Yale School of Architecture
14. John Gaunt, University of Kansas
15. James Barker, Clemson University
16. Toshiko Mori, Harvard University
17. Brad Grant, Hampton University
18. Larry Speck, University of Texas at Austin
19. Urs P. Gauchat, New Jersey Institute of Technology
20. Neil Frankel, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
21. Alan Balfour, Renssalaer Polytechnic
22. Robert Timme, University of Southern California
23. Donna Robertson, Illinois Institute of Technology
24. Roger Schluntz, University of New Mexico
25. Rem Koolhaas, Harvard University
26. Daniel Friedman, University of Illinois
27. Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, University of Miami
28. Ellen Dunham-Jones, Georgia Tech
29. Joe Bilello, Ball State University
30. Adele Naude Santos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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