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Design in China: The Next Wave

Sep 6, 2011 · by Gary Larson

By helping developers respond quickly to opportunities and creating innovative approaches to the design process, designers can elevate the value they bring to China markets. Read full »

A Case Study in Multi-Branding

Sep 4, 2011 · by Bradford Perkins and Stan Eckstut

How Perkins Eastman and Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn found success by marrying complementary strategic plans while maintaining distinct brands. Read full »

Strategizing a Unique Practice

Sep 3, 2011 · by Peter Ellis

Few firms have been able to build their urban visions, designing and constructing cities complete with infrastructure, neighborhoods, and the full architectural fabric. Read full »

The Social Responsibility of Architects

Jun 29, 2011 · by Helena L. Jubany

Everyone benefits when architects volunteer in community nonprofit organizations. Read full »

Sustainability Leadership: From Stagnation to Liberation

Jun 29, 2011 · by James P. Cramer

For better or for worse, architects, designers, planners, and their clients make up the central elemental force with regard to the environment and a sustainable future. Read full »

Sprawl Repair: From Auto-Scale to Human-Scale

Jun 29, 2011 · by Galina Tachieva

Leveraging design, policy, and incentives, sprawl can be transformed into complete communities with balanced uses and transportation options. Read full »

From Green Buildings to Green Neighborhoods

Jun 29, 2011 · by Bert Gregory

The next level of innovation in sustainability calls for us to look at districts, campuses, and neighborhoods. Read full »

The Dangers of Designing in Foreign Lands

May 3, 2011 · by Eugene R. Scheiman and James P. Cramer

A/E/C firms are finding financial success outside U.S. borders. But it’s essential to protect your firm from inadvertent legal and ethical liabilities. Read full »

Magnifying Innovation

May 3, 2011 · by Ken Sanders

Leverage the benefits of technology by taking appropriate lessons from other industries while keeping A/E/C-specific best practices in mind. Read full »

New Opportunities But Little Recovery

Jan 3, 2011 · by James P. Cramer and Jane Gaboury

Research reveals the 25 trends with the most substantial impact on architecture and design now and into the near future. Read full »

The Changing Face of Design in China

Jan 3, 2011 · by Gary Larson

With its huge population, ability to make rapid, far-reaching decisions, and spreading wealth, China’s demand for design and design thinking keeps expanding. Read full »

Aging in Tandem: America and its Infrastructure

Aug 31, 2010 · by Barbara Golter Heller

Lack of stewardship over our public works has dealt the current generation a huge challenge. Without imagination and conviction in addressing this problem, the viability of the United States is... Read full »

Gritty Optimism in the Global Marketplace

Aug 31, 2010 · by James P. Cramer and Jane Gaboury

Our most recent survey of global professional practice finds there is success to be wrung from exporting services. Read full »

From the Ground Up: Growing a Thriving Design Firm

Aug 31, 2010 · by James Follett

You can read a library of management titles, but success largely boils down to internalizing and implementing five key practices. Read full »

Global Dialogue is Key to Success

Aug 30, 2010 · by Michael Greene

Technology, communication, and collaboration are the heart of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates’ success. Read full »

Anatomy of Marketing Growth Zones

Aug 30, 2010 · by Source: Greenway Group and Screampoint

What's happening in China and the Middle East. Read full »

Design Leadership and the Environment

Jun 25, 2010 · by James P. Cramer and Jane Gaboury

These are tough times for the environment. The old solutions don’t work any longer, and there are no simple answers. Read full »

Sustainable Growth as Public Policy

Jun 25, 2010 · by Mark E. Strauss

If we are going to transform our environment, then political leaders need to become advocates for sustainable planning and design practices. Read full »

LEEDing to Conclusion

Jun 25, 2010 · by Scott Simpson

The ultimate measure of success for sustainable design will come when we stop thinking about it primarily in terms of attaining a silver, gold or platinum rating and we just get on with it. Read full »

Green is Good

Jun 25, 2010 · by Nick Peckham

A new business model that relies on sustainability and begins with pro bono projects supporting the community is both a marketing strategy and a moral imperative. Read full »

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