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January 27, 2004 · by Jim Follett

Gensler spent the better part of 2003 creating a Strategic Vision for 2010. In order to continue enhancing our service to clients on a global basis, we are reinventing Gensler.

Gensler spent the better part of 2003 creating a Strategic Vision for 2010–an outgrowth of our successfully implemented 1993-2003 Vision. In order to continue enhancing our service to clients on a global basis, we are–as we have done numerous times in the past–reinventing Gensler. One aspect of Vision 2010 involves a reorganizing the firm into a regional structure, led by a new Board of Directors. This structure broadens the firm’s leadership and places increased emphasis on self-governance.

Gensler is realigning its network of practice areas, strengthening our offices and expanding our geographic range. In response to the market’s expansion, Gensler has begun to increase staff size again. All current indications are that this hiring trend will continue in the coming months. Concurrently, we recognize that an unpredictable market requires us to monitor costs, invest selectively in strategies and manage our resources wisely.

In this climate of transition we see tremendous opportunity before us. Our confidence resides in the client partnerships we have created and will continue to sustain. Every day we listen to our clients and take the pulse of the market. Through this examination we see certain design sectors–international architecture, workplace, retail, branding, transit and transportation– showing signs of resiliency and continued expansion. Based on what we have learned, we’re looking forward to the next few years with a great deal of optimism.

Our confidence in tomorrow is based on the strengths of today’s reality. Labeled the “Century of Design” we recognize that it is design that matters; it is design that will serve as the platform for improved performance.

—Jim Follett, Managing Principal, Gensler
Senior Fellow, DFC

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