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August 10, 2006 · by DesignIntelligence

Number of temporary workers Admitted by Occupation Fiscal Year 2002
Architects and Surveyors: 5,856
Engineers, unspecified or not elsewhere classified: 52,4189
Social scientists and urban planners: 3,221

"Architecture, engineering and surveying ranks in the top 10 of H-1B Occupations and Industries."

FY 2002
Median Age: 31
Median Income: 57,000
Master's Degree or Higher: 48 percent
Leading Industry: 32 Percent

Profile of H-1B Beneficiaries by Top 10 Occupations: FY 2002
Total Architecture, Engineering, and Surveying Beneficiaries, FY 2002: 25,197
Initial beneficiaries: 57 percent
Continuing beneficiaries: 43 percent
Leading country of birth: India (23 percent)

Profile of H-1B Beneficiaries by Top 10 Industries: FY 2002
Total Architecture, Engineering, and Surveying Beneficiaries, FY 2002: 8,963
Initial beneficiaries: 60 percent
Continuing beneficiaries: 40 percent
Leading country of birth: India (21 percent)

"Of the 17 occupation categories, only computer-related and architecture, engineering, and surveying occupations had more continuing than initial H-1B beneficiaries. Computer-related occupations had 88 percent more continuing than initial beneficiaries. The second and third most numerous occupation groups were architecture, engineering, and surveying, followed by education. The former group includes computer and systems engineers."

-"Characteristics of Specialty Occupation Workers (H-1B): Fiscal Year 2003;
H-1B Petitions Approved by Major Occupation Group of Beneficiary and Type Petition
Fiscal Years 2002 and 2003

Source: Office of Immigration Statistics, Department of Homeland Security

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