Editorial Calendar 2016

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Trends Forecast & Foresight Scenarios

The annual Design Futures Council forecast and analysis of trends transforming the design professions. Insight from industry leaders, foresight strategists, and leading design management consultants. Reports on tools for foresight and futures analysis employed by the most successful firms. Discussions on business plan expectations, effective strategic planning, and detailed insight from firm executives. Offers forecasts and drivers of change in each market segment. Roundtable on design fee strategies and options as well as best practices with regard to contracts, collections, and overall economic vitality.


Compensation & Benefits Survey

The most comprehensive analysis of salary, bonus, and benefits of architecture and design firms in North America, including executive compensation and bonuses. Includes national and regional data for a range of experience levels and positions as well as salary projections for the coming year. Examines strategic practices such as signing bonuses and cost-of-living differentials, analysis of leading-edge trends in recruitment, retention, and employment from A/E/C firm leaders and HR professionals. Features new thinking on compensation strategies and insight into maximizing staffing opportunities.


Technology & Innovation Survey

Technology shifts, products, and deployment in design firms, with thought leaders discussing their methods of maximizing investments for better ROI. Highlights firms on the forefront of technological growth as well as the application of technology and its impact on productivity and design parameters. Details the development and use of building information management and design leaders’ predictions regarding IT and IT budgets. Addresses the measures and culture of innovation in a changing design profession. Examines how innovation is cultivated and how knowledge sharing is enabled.


Sustainability & Leadership Survey

Highlights best practices, opportunities, and new paradigms in growth, energy, infrastructure, environmental responsibility, and social purpose. Features the work and commitment of emerging leaders in green design and identifies the most well-regarded sustainability role models. Identifies what is top of mind as the most pressing sustainability issues of our time. Pinpoints pivotal issues, details technological changes and tools that affect building types. Discussion of best practices in resource deployment. Reviews trends in life cycle management, design-build, and sustainability leadership.


Global 30 Rankings & International Practice

Global 30 rankings identify the U.S.-based firms doing the most business abroad. Highlights the work of top-performing U.S.-based multinational design firms in the context of emerging world markets and growth trends. Invaluable insight from industry leaders on the advantages and disadvantages of multinational practice. Reveals international practice growth strategies as well as opportunities for product differentiation and brand recognition. Explores trends affecting the design professions and examines how these trends can mean competitive market advantage.


America’s Best Architecture & Design School Rankings

DesignIntelligence publishes the industry’s definitive design school rankings as determined by practitioners. These are the most trusted rankings of design schools. Leaders in practice and in academia assess the state of new recruits and peer into the future of design education. Features top design schools ranked by professionals and academic deans. Includes the experiences and opinions of students. Offers detailed contextual analyses of trends in the design professions. Reports on accreditation and registration changes, analyzing the effects on professional firms as well as the future of the design professions.

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The Almanac of Architecture & Design 2016

Includes an index of the best architecture and design firms in America and a directory of leading firms. This is the design professions’ fact book.

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